Successful projects awarded by MAGISZ


TÁMOP 4.2.3-08/1-2009-0004

1 October 2009 - 30 November 2011

 Project description::

The Hungarian Association for Agricultural Informatics is implementing the project "Dissemination of application results of innovative information technologies in agricultural research and development in the field of agricultural economy" in the Operational Programme for Social Renewal of the New Hungary Development Plan.


  • Development of a scientific portal for the dissemination of research, development and innovation results generated in higher education to the economic sector by operating an information portal.
  • Establishment of an electronic journal entitled "Agrarian Informatics (Information Technology in the Agricultural Sector)".
  • Publication of research results and books on agri-informatics.
  • Organisation of international scientific conferences and national events.
  • Supporting the scientific work of students and young researchers.

The scientific portal provides an opportunity for the dissemination of research, development and innovation results generated in higher education to the business sector. It ensures active participation in professional life for its members and for teachers, researchers and professionals working in the field. It provides services to individual and legal members and to interested parties.

It provides a new service to its members and other professional organisations and businesses through this important innovative task of disseminating new scientific results through the electronic journal, which is an important niche medium for the field. It is a niche journal in Hungarian/English language for the field, which intends to help the publication of research results in the field of application of advanced information technologies in agriculture, their dissemination for their utilisation and exploitation, and the improvement of the sector's innovation capacity.

Agri-Informatics Studies helps to raise awareness of information technology by publishing research results in this field. It helps to improve the knowledge of agroinformatics professionals. There are very limited opportunities for academics/researchers in the field to publish their research results. As publication costs are generally quite limited and English-language resources do not include research results relevant to the domestic environment, the publication of the results of PhD research by academics/researchers in edited volumes provides a useful opportunity.

By organising scientific international conferences and domestic events, it develops and promotes the exchange of experience and the development of international contacts among professionals from the domestic non-profit and business sectors. During the last 10 years of its activity, the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics has regularly organised national conferences, conferences, workshops and conferences of the Hungarian agricultural informatics community.

It supports the scientific work of students and young researchers by launching competitions, establishing and awarding prizes. It supports the organisation of national and local events to promote talent management. For five years now, the organisation has been organising degree/thesis and TDK thesis competitions. Today, an increasing number of theses are being written on a variety of topics related to the application of information technology in agribusiness. The extension of the association's activities in this field is important for three reasons. 

1. to encourage high-quality research work. 

2. to provide opportunities for the professional recognition of young researchers (PhD students). 

3. to ensure wider dissemination of scientific results.




1 October 2015 - 30 November 2016.

 Project description::

Az AMI@Netfood projekt víziót kívánt nyújtani az agrár-élelmiszeripar és vidékfejlesztés területére irányuló a „Collaborative Networking” technológiák fejlesztésére és alkalmazására vonatkozó trendekről a tudományos és technológiai kutatás terén.

The AMI@Netfood project aimed to provide a vision on trends in the development and application of "Collaborative Networking" technologies in the field of scientific and technological research in the field of agri-food and rural development. 

The SRA consisted of a long-term vision and policy implementation work plan for the development and application of Environmental Intelligence and Collaborative Working Technologies. These could simultaneously support the implementation of collaborative working strategies in the agri-food sector and rural development areas. The project has identified AMI and Collaborative Working Technologies that can be applied in the above mentioned area and has identified and defined possible R&D development directions and activities. These technologies can enable the transformation of the agri-food industry into a networked collaborative business system capable of upgrading production and supply to a higher standard with expanded products and services.

In pursuit of this objective, an R&D priority plan ("Collaborative work") has been developed and agreed by several EU regions and countries in the industry for the necessary applications and services, and is important for the implementation of the agri-food sector and the IST European Directives.

The partners involved in the project are:

INNOPOLE, ATB Bremen, University of Galway- CIM Research Unit, NYHERJI Ltd., DEMOCENTER S.c.a.r.l., CATT Innovation Management GMBH, Wireless INFO, ARA Ltd, University of Tampere, CÍBELIA, EXODUS-SA, Rzeszów University of tehnology, INESC Porto