About Us

Welcome to the website of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics!

What can our members expect?

The Hungarian Agri-Informatics Association (MAGISZ) is committed to promoting and expanding the knowledge of students and teachers in all aspects of the Hungarian agri-informatics sector, the entrepreneurial sector. Among other things, we are involved in organising, implementing and realising professional events and projects in agricultural informatics. projektek  We provide a forum and an opportunity for the emergence of young generations in agro-informatics through various scholarship competitions (e.g. thesis competition), where the jury also assesses professionalism and creativity. In addition, MAGISZ also maintains the Journal of Agricultural Informatics (JAI), where we ensure the publication of national and international journal articles in the field of agricultural and applied informatics.

Our mission

- To provide an appropriate communication channel between students, educators and researchers in agriculture, both nationally and internationally.

- To publish scientific results in agricultural informatics in the Hungarian Science Bibliography (MTMT) listed JAI journal.

- To promote wide dissemination of national and international experiences, results of recent research and current calls for proposals and their dissemination.

- Collaborate with other organisations on projects and provide policy input for future developments in agricultural informatics.